Music Videos

Asya Fateyeva - Pons de Capduelh: Us Gais Conortz Me Fai Gajaman Far (Official Music Video)
Asya Fateyeva, Bo Wiget, Matthias Loibner, Emil Kuyumcuyan: Bertrand Plé - Interlude III
Salaputia Brass - Je veux (Arr. für Brass Ensemble) [Offizielles Musikvideo]
Salaputia Brass - G. Fauré: Après une rêve, Op. 7, No. 1 (Offizielles Musikvideo)
Beethoven - Klaviersonate Nr. 28, op. 101: I. Allegretto, ma non troppo (Offizielles Musikvideo)
Asya Fateyeva: Bernart de Ventadorn - Can Vei La Lauzetta Mover (Das Lerchenlied)
Anouchka & Katharina Hack - N. Boulanger: Trois Pièces (Offizielles Musikvideo)
Salaputia Brass - Léo Ferré: Paris Canaille (Offizielles Musikvideo)
SIGNUM saxophone quartet: Haydn - String Quartet No. 37 B Minor, Op. 33: IV. Finale: Presto
Katharina Konradi & Cosmos Quartet - Greensleeves (Offizielles Musikvideo)
Asya Fateyeva, Bo Wiget, Matthias Loibner & Emil Kuyumcuyan: Raimbaut de Vaqueiras - Kalenda Maya
Beethoven - Klaviersonate Nr. 8 in c-Moll, op. 13 „Pathétique“: II. Adagio (Offizielles Musikvideo)
SIGNUM saxophone quartet - AC/DC: Thunderstruck (Offizielles Musikvideo)
Salaputia Brass - Erik Satie: Je te veux (Offizielles Musik Video)
Katharina Konradi & Cosmos Quartet - Les feuilles mortes (Offizielles Musikvideo)


About Berlin Classics

Berlin Classics, the classical music label from the cultural capital city, offers a musical home to a wide range of artists and ensembles alike. Up-and-coming musicians such as Ragnhild Hemsing, Simon Höfele, Sophie Dervaux and Felix Klieser are as much a part of the roster as established musicians, from Ragna Schirmer to Christiane Karg, from René Kollo to Ludwig Güttler.

Collaborations with top-class ensembles and orchestras such as Concerto Köln, Spark, Il Gusto Barocco, Camerata Salzburg, Trondheim Soloists, BBC Symphony, WDR Sinfonieorchester, Konzerthausorchester Berlin and many more demonstrate the label's great catalog diversity.

The development of intelligent concept albums and the release of interpretatively outstanding repertoire recordings on CD, vinyl and the digital platforms form the center of the label team's work.

The development of new release concepts, the collaboration with artists outside the recording context and the opening up of new business areas have been a further aspect for some time.

The Berlin Classics label looks back on a 30-year history. Founded in 1993 - and with the catalog of the GDR labels of the VEB Deutsche Schallplatten behind it - the focus was not only on the targeted promotion and release of new recordings, but also on the maintenance of the catalog, which now spans almost 80 years. It contains almost the entire canon of Western European art music from the 10th to the 21st century.

As one of the leading independent labels for classical music, Berlin Classics will continue to be the address for musical enjoyment of the highest quality.